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#1 Selling Basket Heater in North America

Now offering models with ceramic (PTC) element

Over 40,000 of various models sold!

(Note: Model 1MP-15L has been replaced by 1MP-7.5/15UC)


              PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) elements have lower resistance at low temperature and higher resistance at high Temperature. They are self regulating and incapable of overheating. As the heater approaches operating temperature, electrical consumption will decrease automatically in response to ambient temperature.


              The PTC element requires high amps upon startup and reduces amp draw as operating temperature is reached. After that the PTC heater only draws enough amps to maintain operating temperature.



  • Telephone Splicer Trucks

  • Cable TV Splicer Trucks

  • Bridge Inspection Trucks

  • Window Defogging / Defrosting

  • All Non-Insulated Bucket Applications

  • Tent Use (Conversion kit available)


Models / Specifications

Mounting- Two 5/16"-18 x 1" studs, 7-1/4" between centers

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