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Tendaire Industries and Electrol Equipment, Inc. began operations in 1961 in Mankato, Minnesota. In 1987, Tendaire/Electrol expanded part of the manufacturing operations to Beresford, South Dakota. In 1991, Tendaire moved the corporate headquarters from Mankato to Beresford. Tendaire manufactures the Electrol Equipment line of products in Beresford and continues to market their products under both the Tendaire and Electrol names.
Tendaire/Electrol is a leader in the industry of a broad line of quality products manufactured primarily for the utility industries (telephone, electric and gas companies), municipal departments (street, water, sewer, fire, light, park) and also State and County highway departments. The products we manufacture include hydraulically driven generators, belt driven generators, truck body vibrators and utility truck basket heaters. In addition to these markets, Tendaire/Electrol products are also incorporated into products manufactured by original equipment manufacturers such as utility truck body builders, dump truck manufacturers and pressure washer manufacturers.
Tendaire/Electrol is proud that all their products are manufactured in the United States and that very few foreign made parts are used in their products. Tendaire/Electrol is an industry leader because of the standard they have established with high quality products and service. Tendaire/Electrol customers provide the best advertising: telling others about the satisfaction of Tendaire/Electrol products.
Tendaire/Electrol products are nationally and internationally known.


Our vision for the future is for a strong, solid, well managed, fast growing, exciting, innovative company with high business ethics and an excellent reputation. A company that offers great opportunities and growth:
An environment where people like to work.


Tendaire/Electrol strives to continually improve processes and services by responding to customer and employee needs in order to provide on time delivery of high quality products and services at competitive prices through efficient, innovative manufacturing processes.


  1. Objective: To provide high Quality Products Measured by: Quality Index Data. 98% acceptance on first piece. 99.99% acceptance at final inspection

  2. Objective: To provide On Time Delivery Measured by: 98% of Customer Orders to be Shipped on time.

  3. Objective: Continuous response to Customer needs. Measured by: Customer Satisfaction Analysis. Average Customer Satisfaction Survey of 90% for previous annual period. 2% written complaints within product warranty period. Less than 2% return of defective products per quarter. Not including products returned for repair due to normal usage or customer abuse.

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