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Pure Sine Wave

Models for 24 VDC input or 12 VDC input

2000 Watts continuous, 115 VAC output

Some examples of devices and appliances requiring a pure sine inverter are:

  • Sensitive electronics

  • CPAP machines with humidifiers

  • Medical equipment

  • Microwaves

  • Variable speed tools

  • Cordless tool battery chargers

  • Some TV’s

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Modified Sine Wave

Models for 12 VDC input or 24 VDC Input

1700 Watts up to 2800 Watts continuous,

115 VAC output

Modified Sine Wave Inverters are simplier to produce so generally are less expensive than Pure Sine Inverters but using them does carry a risk. Some equipment may not work correctly or may be damaged.

There are only two types of electronics that you need to be concerned about when using a modified sine wave inverter: appliances that use AC motors and certain classes of delicate medical equipment such as

CPAP machines with humidifiers and oxygen concentrators.

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